At Oversify, we understand that medical billing and coding is one of the most important processes in healthcare revenue cycle management preceding a claim submission. Accurate Medical coding services are essential to reduce denials and generate more revenue for our clients that is why we have the best talent from the market to work only for you.

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The payment posting is one of the key processes that receive the utmost attention from our Operations management. The payments in lieu of claims that the Payer and Patients send are placed in the client’s medical billing system to balance the claim.

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Correspondence &Appeals

Correspondence &

When a new client joins Oversify, an initial examination of past outstanding receivables will be undertaken, and remedial action will be made to recover as much income as possible from claims filed prior to the customer joining Oversify. Following receipt of the EOBs, all denied claims are evaluated, amended, and re-submitted within two working days.

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